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Khadi Sarees

Khadi Sarees are usually made out of cotton. It is a handspun, natural fiber cloth made in sub continent region. It is also known as khaddar. Making a fabric involves two steps, converting the fiber into yarn using spinning wheels also known as Charka, and weaving the yarn to get the final product which is fabric.
Add variety to your closet by getting these stylish and beautiful sarees and be ready to receive a ton of compliments from your friends and family. You can wear these sarees at parties, festive occasions, or casual events, and look your best at every single event/function. Check out the amazing collection of khadi sarees in captivating colors, such as white, beige, cream, dark blue, dark green, and more with eye-catching patterns, such as graphic prints, animal prints, applique, checkered, color block, digital prints, dyed and more. Buy the best khadi sarees from us on both wholesale and retail.

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