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Madhubani Print Sarees

Madhubani Art (or Mithila painting) is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, and using natural dyes and pigments. It is characterized by its eye-catching geometrical patterns. Madhubani art has five distinctive styles: Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, Godna, and Kohbar. In the 1960s Bharni and Tantrik styles were mainly done by Brahman women, who are 'upper caste' women in India and Nepal. Their themes were mainly religious and they depicted Gods and Goddesses paintings. Each Madhubani saree is a piece of elegant art. Not only mythological patterns, the designs, and patterns also include motifs of fishes, the sun, bamboos, trees, etc. Madhubani silk sarees are a tribute to the art form as well as the exquisite fabric. Hand-painted poetry by rural artisans of Bihar, each of these sarees / Stoles is unique.