Pooja Garments

Modal Sarees

Modal is a wood pulp fiber, technically known as "Regenerated cellulose fiber". These types of fabrics are not new the first cellulose fiber was developed in 1855 and is called rayon. The next generation is called viscose. Modal rayon fabric, also known as High Wet Modulus (HWM) rayon, was first developed in Japan in 1951 as an alternative to silk. Modal is very similar to regular viscose rayon. However, it is also stronger, more breathable, and can withstand excessive moisture. It is a good fabric choice on those days that are going to be warm or hotter than normal. It is a cooling material that lets a lot of your body heat find its way to the atmosphere as you carry out your duties. Modal Sarees are one of the most sought-after Silk Sarees. The exotic Modal sarees speak a language of luxury, and it is fabulous silk, which has high utility and is greatly lightweight. The modal silk Ajrakh saree looks like a playground for the colours as it looks very different in different lights. We call this magical beauty.