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Muslin Sarees

Muslin silk saree are popular fabrics known in India. It is silky and very - light. The muslin silk sarees are the ones predominant in the market today. This is because muslin sarees are extremely light, sensuous to touch and looks exotic. Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave. The earliest muslin was known as Mulmul or Malmal. It was a handwoven fabric made with the finest handspun yarns. Some notable qualities of muslin were Mulmul khas or Kings muslin, Eksuti malmal, and Alibal malmals, etc. The yarn count, weights and textures, thread count, origin, and particular use were the main criteria to differentiate them from each other. Muslin was one of the legendary cloths of East India. These were made with locally grown cotton. The cotton was grown alongside the river banks of Brahmaputra. Muslins were originally made of cotton only. These were very thin, transparent, delicate and feather light breathable fabrics. There could be 1000-1800 yarns in warp and weighing 3.8 Ounces (for 1yard X 10 yards). Some varieties of muslin were so thin that they could even pass through the aperture of a lady finger-ring.