Pooja Garments

Organza Silk Sarees

Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. Many modern organzas are woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon. Deluxe silk organzas are woven in France, Italy and now in India. Organza is used for bridalwear and eveningwear.
Organza fabric has a stiff and wiry finish because it is made with highly twisted filament yarns. The most luxurious type of organza was woven with silk fibers and cost a bundle, so no wonder only the royalty could afford to wear it.
Organza is also characterized by very small holes throughout the fabric, which are the spaces between the warp and weft thread in the plain-weave pattern. The nature of organza is defined as the number of holes per inch-more holes indicate better quality organza. Organza's fabric gives a royal appeal. From the golden era to present times, organza has been fashionable, charismatic, and synonymous with luxury.