Pooja Garments

Tissue Sarees

The tissue is woven out of a multitude of fibers amongst which one of the famous varieties is tissue silk. Designed impeccably, the beauty of these fabrics is evergreen. The fine sheer silk fabric is woven with silver and gold threads and is sometimes even embossed with intricate figures. An enhanced tissue supposed fabric comprising a weave composed of regular warp and weft threads, and having extra warp threads arranged in groups over the width of the fabric, tissue figures formed on the obverse face of the fabric by the extra warp threads, tying the floating portion of the extra warp threads. Solid Pattern Soft and Shiny fabric in Multiple Colors. You can use this fabric to make Sarees, Dresses, Tops, Blouses, Crafting, Drapery, Home Decor, Outdoor, Sewing, General, Upholstery, etc use it for scrapbooking projects.