Pooja Garments

Vegan Silk Sarees

A whole new range of sarees woven purely from the Banana pith (fiber). In Tamil, it's called 'Vaazhai naaru' sarees. The first step in the weaving process is the creation of yarn. The yarn is created from Banana fibers which are extracted from Banana stems. Banana fiber sarees are not only organic and biodegradable, but they also give an exotic, rich look and are completely cruelty-free! About 500 grams of fiber is required to create one saree and each banana stem would provide about 150 grams of fiber. To create this plant fiber, the trunk of the tree is soaked in nearby rivers for softening, making it more manageable to separate the fibers, which are then extracted - either by a stripping machine or by hand - and then knotted into yarn.
It's now has been called Vegan Silk Sarees. Vegan silk is the fabric derived from the fiber of banana stalk, which is meticulously woven into yarns and then eventually used to make sarees. Handloom Vaazhai Naar Butta and long butta Silk Sarees Made from Banana pith fiber yarn. These sarees come in attractive colour combinations.